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Leftlane News is the leading source for car and mobility news, vehicle reviews, pricing and specs, and insights into upcoming models and trends. Read by car shoppers, auto enthusiasts, and tech aficionados, Leftlane is focused on providing up-to-the-minute news and information, with an emphasis on the stories and facts that matter most. 

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Nick Aziz                                 Monish K. Bhatia
Executive Editor                       Publisher

Drew Johnson                        Byron Hurd                                  Justin King 
Managing Editor                       Buyer's Guide Editor                     News Editor     
News/Reviews Contributor       News/Reviews Contributor

Ronan Glon                             Matt Sargent                                 Justin Merucci                                              
News Contributor                     Buyer's Guide - Pricing/Specs       Buyer's Guide - Pricing/Specs                       
EU Correspondent

Ben Hsu                   
News Contributor