The sedan's headlights were deemed 'acceptable,' an improvement over the 'poor' headlights in the Model S.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released partial ratings for the Tesla Model 3, starting with non-destructive tests.

The mass-market electric sedan's headlights received an 'acceptable' mark. The car fell short of the top rating due to a bit of glare, 'inadequate' low-beam illumination on the right side of the road, and 'fair' visibility on certain curves.

"High-beam assist compensates for some limitations of this vehicle's low beams on the straightaway and all 4 curves," the IIHS wrote.

The Model 3 achieved higher headlight performance than the more expensive Model S, which received a 'poor' rating.

Both the Model 3 and Model S received a 'superior' rating for their front-crash prevention system, completely avoiding collisions at 12 mph and 25 mph.

The IIHS has not announced a schedule for performing a series of crash tests for the Model 3.