The twins are based on the 650S but with more power, unique styling and a distinct exhaust note.

McLaren has revealed a pair of unique MSO Personal Commission creations, crafted for a customer who apparently wanted a matching coupe and spider that stand out from the company's standard production cars.

Labeled the MSO R Coupe and MSO R Spider, the twins appear to be based on the 650S but with unique styling and retuned engines that deliver 688 PS (679 horsepower) and 516 pound-feet of torque. The V8's heads and exhaust ports have been hand polished, while the exhaust system features a unique crossover muffler with titanium end pipes.

Both features MSO Visual Carbon Fiber front bumpers, hoods, louvered fenders and other elements, with matching Liquid Silver paint and five-spoke wheels.

McLaren says the interior is even more distinctive, with reversed black-red color themes and a custom IRIS screen and instrument cluster displays.

2017 McLaren 650S
2017 McLaren 650S Spider
2017 McLaren 570S
2017 McLaren 570GT
2015 McLaren P1

"A typical MSO Personal Commission extends beyond paint colours and materials and finishes to encompass changes to body and interior design and also dynamic and powertrain enhancements as required," says McLaren sales director Jolyon Nash. "The result is a McLaren personalised by MSO to become a car that is literally one of a kind - or in the case of these stunning MSO R cars, one of a matched pair."