The price of a Tesla X could go up by nearly $9,000.

Norway is one of the largest electric car markets in the world, and it's a country where Tesla expects to experience significant growth in the coming years. New rules that could soon come into effect threaten to complicate the company's quest for market dominance.

The local government is evaluating whether to end tax breaks for larger electric cars like the Model S and the Model X. Vidar Helgesen, the nation's environment minister, argues big, luxurious electric cars wear out the road just as much as similarly-sized gasoline- and diesel-powered models.

Ending the generous tax breaks would make a Tesla X nearly $9,000 more expensive than it is today, according to industry trade journal Automotive News. However, it will still be cheaper to operate than a comparable gasoline- or diesel-powered crossover.

"Electric cars will still be accorded significant advantages in comparison with cars running on fossil fuel," according to the proposal. Notably, battery-powered vehicles will continue to skirt the expensive value-added tax Norway slaps on every new car. Critics nonetheless believe the government is "gambling with the electric car market."

The measure ending tax breaks isn't set in stone yet. It has been proposed by the government, but it needs to be approved by an array of other political parties before it comes into effect.

Photo by Ronan Glon.